How is Boxing like Christianity & Why I Got in the Ring for Charity

Having spent the last 7 weeks training for my fight, it has made me think about my Christian journey too. I would say being a boxer is a good comparison to being a Christian.

God has called us all to ‘fight the good fight of faith’ and to ‘persevere until the end.’ If we are not ready when our time comes, then he will say ‘Get away from me , I do not know you.’

It’s no good training for a fight the day before and expecting to win. It takes work and it has made me realise that I need to stop waiting for things to happen. If you want to win, only you can make it happen. And you better start NOW! Before it’s too late. There will always be an excuse on how to spend your time, but focus on having an eternity mindset and put your heart and soul into living this life! Three, two minute rounds is like a drop in the ocean compared to the vast expanse of life we have left to experience. Why waste it with worry about what could or what might happen? But be prepared!

It’s really important to be on fire for God at all times because when we become complacent or we drop our guard for a second, we let the enemy in and are caught off guard. We can even be knocked out by the situation or events of life.

I have also learnt that mental focus and clarity is so important as the ‘mind governed by the flesh is death’ but the ‘mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace. Consequentially, we should be led by his Spirit in order to be called children of God. We control fear and the more we know God and are wrapped in His love, the less fear has a grip over our lives.

People are what make or break you. When you’re having a tough day, it’s those who encourage you, motivate you, inspire and believe in you that spur you on to be a better person. A better fighter. The best you can be. God places those spirits in our lives at the right time and we can either chose to make the most of this short life and opportunities or we can let them ‘slip.’

Jab, cross, hook. Double jab, cross , uppercut to the body. When life throws it’s inevitable punches at you , what are you going to do? Get back in the ring and persevere or let fear and the flesh destroy you? The future’s in your gloves.

No one enjoys getting hit in the face. Always remember when life throws you a punch, you’ve got to slip, duck , counter or use that footwork and move the hell out the way!

Cancer is a massive punch from the enemy. There is no tolerance for such an aggressive disease in our lives and we must fight back! So many people are fighters. Overcomers, despite all the odds. In Christ, we are more than conquerors!

Five years ago on Easter Sunday I was baptised and publicly declared God as The Lord of my life. There have been set backs , hooks jabs and punches but I am still fighting. I will never stop.

Thanks for all your support for my fight. I couldn’t be where I am without any of my friends family and role models and I’m so motivated to do my best.

If you haven’t already please, please sponsor me at We are already at £380, with that last push we can reach the £500 target!

With passion and fire,

Hannah x

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