Produce don’t consume, don’t waste your time or be confused

I wrote this poem a while ago and wanted to share it. To me, it reflects the need to be positive and have hope in a world where we are surrounded by negativity, for example in the media. ‘They’ stands for the people who influence and try and control your thoughts.  Embrace your inner need to create and start to produce content now, whilst your creativity is alive.  Do not simply fall into the media’s dream of mass consumerism.  Contribute and give back.

Always remember what’s truly important in life as is well help to put your current situation into perspective . This poem also contrasts the idea of death with positive, uplifting imagery, in order to disguise the dark with the good. When you feel overwhelmed and as though you’re on death’s door, imagine a different situation. Remember, you are in control of your thoughts and you have the power to change your mindset. Be childlike in the love you have for others and the hope you have for the future.


They tell you everything will be okay,
They tell you all your dreams will come true
Everything you never knew
Trips you up, like circumstances unexpected

Yet out of the fluffy rainbow cloud,
Dark rain of death comes pouring down
Ties you up in a noose of confusion
Creativity’s all thats left inside of you

Every minute of this life is precious,
Time is fleeting, time waits for no man
Produce don’t consume,
Don’t waste your time or be confused

Enjoy yourself, but don’t forget,
Love everyone else, because thats what matters
When eternity’s river comes flowing to your door,
Make sure you’re prepared for more

Than just consumerism and self indulgence
Unicorn dreams and rainbow streams,
Stories told to children to distract them
From the reality on earth that is what it is

When the rain of death comes crashing down
On the cold hard earthy ground
Don’t forget that unicorn dreams can be found
In your imagination, where faith, hope and love abound

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