Vegan Vidoes & Life of a Commuter

So I planned to go to kickboxing today, but I got back too late from work! When I got home I was so tired and didn’t feel like doing any exercise. I still feel like I’m recovering from this week long flu/cold.

This evening, I’ve been watching inspirational healthy videos on YouTube, mainly different Vegan videos.

I didn’t get a chance to do exercise, I couldn’t motivate myself today. I think it will be better to exercise in the morning but it’s hard for me to get up. I have about a 1 hr 45 minute commute each way to work (about 3.5-4 hours a day) just spent on travelling.

Do you commute? If so, for how long? I’m considering moving soon but I really like the place I live as it’s quiet and it’s home.

Anyway, sorry it’s a bit disappointing today as not really made much progress.

For breakfast today, I had an apple and a yoghurt. For lunch, I had a microwave Chicken Tikka curry and half a digestive biscuit. I also had a glass of water, 2 small cinnamon biscuits, a banana, and two mugs of chai spiced tea. For dinner, I had three wholewheat pieces of toast with Sunpat Smooth and strawberry jam. Then a bit later, I had a cup of natural greek yoghurt. Yum!

Not the healthiest day at all but could be worse. I also have my bottle of Fiji water (1 litre) but have only drunk about 250 ml today so far. I definitely need to stay more hydrated as I tend to forget to drink throughout the day.

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