How to Make People Pay Attention to You and Establish a Strong Personal Brand

The topic of attention has ironically been one which has been attracting me like a magnet, over the last few weeks. We share an undeniable human need for it and we know all too well of the desire to be recognised and told how well we did at something or how great we are.

As a result of my weeks of thinking, I have combined my theories of this fundamental need with a social media strategy. I therefore present you with my with six top tips on  ‘How to Make People Pay Attention to You and Establish a Strong Personal Brand.’

  1.  To  create a strong online presence you need to post regularly . Be so in your audience’s face, so to speak, that they can’t not notice you. Post regularly, whether that means once a day or five times a day. A brillant example of someone with a consistent brand is Warren Ryan, founder of ‘Warren Inspire Ryan’. Follow the motivational speaker with an inspiring story, on Facebook for regular inspirational updates to get you through each day!
  2. Really think about what your values and beliefs are. Align your brand identity with the best version of yourself. Imagine that people could only have one word to describe you. What would be the word you would have them choose? Try and incorporate that into your personal brand, for example if the word you choose is ‘fun,’ you could make sure  you incorporate a lot of colour in your wardrobe and your posts are always humorous and witty.
  3. How you look is how you’ll be treated. I’ve noticed that people will treat you how they perceive you. If you dress well, then you will subconsciously start behaving and acting the way you want to be perceived. In our culture, it’s all about looks. Dress ‘on fleek’ and make sure your image matches your behaviour and vice versa. Look the best you can in order to be the best you can!
  4. Provide high quality content and create value. Nobody wants to be annoyed with the daily drones of an uninspired, unthought out post on their newsfeed. Instead, provide original and memorable content.
  5. Just like people can’t read your mind, they also can’t tell how awesome you are! Just because you’re amazing, other people don’t necessarily know that. The need to stand out and make a name for yourself is especially true with our current global population of 7.4 billion people and counting. You need to take a certain amount of responsibility for allowing the world to benefit from your talents. Once you know what your strengths and unique gifts are, you will need to make an effort to share those with others in order to get recognition. There’s no point keeping a lamp in a dark cupboard. You need to take that lamp out and let the light shine! unnamed
  6. The best way to gain followers on whichever platform you are using, is to be consistent. (To an extent.) The world today thrives on routine and the majority of people have plans set weeks or even months in advance. Hectic work schedules and busy commutes mean that people have little time to sit down with a cuppa and start lapping up your content with their morning cornflakes. When they do sit down to read your Monday morning blog, you want the content to be ready. ‘Cue popular saying – “Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” If someone is disappointed because they were expecting a post but you forgot to schedule it, they are much less likely to return. It’s a schoolboy error and in 2016, there’s no time for rookie mistakes.

Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not good at all areas. We all have our unique gifting and talents and there are things at which we will fail. Once you stop striving for perfection, and focus on channelling your energy towards your passions, then life and vitality will surely ensue.

How would you define your social media identity, in just one word? What are some issues you have faced when establishing your personal brand? Which methods do you use in order to stay consistent?

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