My Extreme Journey to Minimalism & Intro to the New Year!

Over my lifetime, I have acquired a vast amount of items. Since I was a child, I was always collecting items and found it hard to get rid of things which had a sentimental meaning to me. And that was a lot of them.

There were always piles of stuff shoved in the back of my wardrobe or lurking under my bed. When friends came over, I would panick and spend an hour before scooping up all my clothes and possessions from the floor and put them under the bed, in the wardrobe and in drawers. Even going as far as putting clean clothes in the dirty wash bin, for lack of space.

Being a creative minded person, I struggle to naturally order and organise my things. I tend not to pay much attention to my environment, instead focusing inwards the majority of the time. This means that others may find my dwelling place to be messy but I may not notice or even mind.

For the last year, in 2015, I have been thinking a lot about my goals and the direction I would like my life to take. Blogging more is definitely one of my goals and therefore I tend read more blogs about minimalism.

My favourite minimalism blogs are; &

These blogs will help you to grasp a better understanding of a minimalist lifestyle.

To recap on my life last year, there were a few large changes which occurred in my life. It has been a very eventful year and one of the years where I feel I have learnt the most about myself and challenged myself.

In April 2015, I participated in a charity boxing match of three rounds, to raise money for Cancer Research. This was after an intensive six weeks training period. In June 2015, I left my job of three years, after deciding that I would like to start my own business. I started ‘flipping’ which is basically buying stock and then selling it for a profit. In addition, I was signed with several promotions agencies so I was working some days here and there as well. After a month of working mainly on my own, I started to feel overwhelmed and lonely. I missed the companionship of colleagues and the pressure of purchasing a lot of camping stock and being overwhelmed with listing it all on eBay, and the challenges which I faced and hadn’t anticipated, led to me applying for a job.

I decided that I wanted to pursue an academic route as I hadn’t done myself justice in my A Levels and have been wanting to do a degree ever since. The ACCA is an accounting qualification which also enables you to obtain a degree in Applied Accounting. Although I didn’t know a large amount about the course, I decided I would start it as it would help me to understand finances and be a useful skill if I wish to start another business in the future. It’s a part time course and can be done in your own time, over a maximum period of ten years. After my first exam in June 2015, I got the job with a business finance company, and now work in WeWork in London’s Spitalfields. The office is amazing and I am loving it, despite the lack of creativity day to day.

In 2015, I also set up a market stall, selling smoothies in my spare time and it’s something I’ll consider doing again in the future. In addition, I am writing a fiction novel, which is currently around 25% completed, at 20,000 out of 80,000 words. I hope to finish it this year.

2015 has been a year of growth and I have experienced a lot of failure and made a lot of mistakes. Failure is what catapults you towards improving, as the more you try, the more you inevitably fail at. The trick is simply to ensure you improve from and learn from your mistakes.

To start the New Year, 2016, I would like to take action to achieve my long term goal of minimalism. To eliminate out of my life, objects which no longer serve any purpose for me. I plan to sort through my belongings and separate them into keep / donate / sell and store. Will be updating on my progress so come back to see how it goes!






  1. 1 Jan 2016 / 11:25 pm

    Good luck in your journey. The desire to downsize has always been hard for me.

    • 1 Jan 2016 / 11:30 pm

      Thank you Diana. I’ll certainly keep you posted on how it all turns out, with pictures of what I’m getting rid of. It can be tedious but I’m hoping that my life will feel lighter as a result. Happy New Year!

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