Advice From A Random Stranger in New York

When in New York, in November of last year, I decided to take an Uber Pool to the airport. When I got in, it turns out the other passenger worked in neuro science and was fascinated with Myers Briggs (like me.)

He started talking and said that he’s and INTP and would love to be an INFP. The advice of this stranger in a New York taxi, is advice which I highly value. He said:

“Be yourself. You can create your own reality. Your talent will pay you dividends in the end. It’s important to have a rich inner world. Value that. Value what’s different and unique about you. Trust yourself to make the right decisions.”

After talking more, he spoke about meditation as he believes strongly in it.

What are your thoughts on meditation? Have you had a random encounter with a stranger which resonated deeply with you?

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