How to Live with only 101 things: My Journey to Minimalism

I recently heard the quote; “You can’t lose what you cling on to.”

The comfort offered by those words is astoundingly reassuring. The more we cling on to the physical comforts in life, the more they seem to weigh us down. More and more, we find ourselves constantly worrying about possessions and investing energy tidying them, cleaning them, buying them, getting rid of them and looking at them. All of these things can detract from the quality of our lives if we’re not careful. They can take valuable time away from our relationships, our experiences and our own personal growth,

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“There is an enormous amount of freedom and power that is gained, when we pursue simplicity in our lives.”

“The modern era’s emphasis on excess for success has been wrong.”

“Simplicity is action.”

Second, See my List of 101 Things (All I Currently Own) ;

Some items are grouped together if they come together e.g. iPhone 6 and accessories. I don’t want to be too strict as I think 100 things is already quite restrictive.

  1. Camping Towel
  2. MacBook Air & Charger
  3. Make Up Bag & Make Up
  4. Accounting TextBooks / Passwords & Revision Kits
  5. Butterfly Knife
  6. Guess Bracelet
  7. Lonsdale Boxing Trainers
  8. iPhone 6, Case, Charger Leads (Several) & Earphones
  9. Canon EOS 1200D, Charger
  10. Nike Gym 3/4 Leggings
  11. Watch
  12. Hair Straighteners
  13. Hair Dryer
  14. Coasters
  15. Nike Blue Workout Top
  16. Black Zara Blazer
  17. Dark Blue Hollister Jeans
  18. Hard Case Bible
  19. Animal Rucksack
  20. Black Boot Heels
  21. Basketball Vest
  22. Ted Baker Wash Bag & Wash Stuff
  23. Black Belt
  24. Blue & White Next Shirt
  25. White Gap Shirt
  26. Black Leather Skirt
  27. Red & Navy Flower Dress
  28. Red Triangle Pattern Dress
  29. Red Lace Top
  30. Faux Fur Coat
  31. Black Zara Gilet
  32. H&M Spotted Dress
  33. Flowery Jeans
  34. Blue Scarf
  35. Bras
  36. Black, Hooded Blazer Jacket
  37. Blue SuperDry Gilet
  38. River Island Handbag
  39. Hair Brush
  40. Car
  41. Dark Navy Next Boots
  42. Brown New Look Boots
  43. Flip Flops
  44. Tupperware Containers
  45. Makeup Bag
  46. Red Superdry Tshirt
  47. Sports Bras
  48. Lace French Connection Top
  49. Zara Denim Shorts
  50. Light Blue Hollister Jeans
  51. Blue Gym Bag
  52. Pink Boxing Gloves & Skipping Rope
  53. MMA Gloves & Blue Belt
  54. Boxing Pads & Hand Wraps
  55. Purse
  56. Black Zara Leggings
  57. Large Lion Scarf
  58. 1 Black & 1 White Vest Top
  59. Alarm Clock
  60. Grey NW3 Blazer
  61. Black Cardigan
  62. Blue Awakening Tshirt
  63. City & Color White Tshirt
  64. Light Blue Gap Shirt
  65. ASOS B&W Jumper
  66. Black Polo Neck Jumper
  67. Hannah The Viper Vest
  68. Spotty Blanket
  69. Nike Blue TShirt
  70. Pants x 10
  71. Socks x 10
  72. White Cushion
  73. CoolBox
  74. Prescription Sunglasses
  75. Light Blue Skinny Jeans
  76. Zara Coat
  77. Tent
  78. Black Ballin’ Sweatshirt
  79. Cream Trousers
  80. White Jeans
  81. Unicorn Onesie
  82. Thick, grey Zara Jumper
  83. Unicorn Slippers
  84. Silver Jewellery Box
  85. Black Scarf
  86. Black Nike Top
  87. Black Leather Jacket
  88. Large Lemon & Lime Towel
  89. Blue Daisy Dress
  90. Black Primark Studded Dress
  91. Black Zara Heels
  92. Grey Zara Heels
  93. Bikinis
  94. Art Stuff
  95. Box of Memories
  96. Earrings
  97. Headphones
  98. White Zara Blazer
  99. Black Zara Dress
  100. Black Zara Heel Boots
  101. Blue New Look Heels

If you don’t understand why anyone would want to live with only 100 things, keep reading.

I know that ‘101 things’ is not necessarily the answer to all problems, however I believe that less is more and stuff can detract from experiences and energy flow in our lives. When you don’t hold on to anything, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. You can’t lose what you don’t have.

I’m pursuing simplicity. This journey of culling all my stuff down to ‘101 things’ is a personal challenge for me. I’ve wanted to be a minimalist for the last few years and now I’m finally putting what I know to be my path, into action.

For me, it’s about moving more towards quality items which I really love, rather than having a large quantity which I don’t know I have or fully appreciate.

In order to maintain my small amount of possessions, I will replace existing things if I need to, so when I get something new, I will get rid of something else.

On My Wishlist at the moment are;

  • Timberland Boots
  • A New Nike Water Bottle
  • A Large Camping Rucksack
  • A New Sleeping Bag
  • MacBook Air Case
  • Canon Camera Case

See the Lord as your shepherd and involve Him in every aspect of your life. He will lead and protect you, and give you His abundant blessings to enjoy (see Ps 23:1–3).

What things hold you back from allowing your energy to flow? Do you really need all the possessions around you? How can you take the step to live more consciously and purposefully?


  1. Timea
    18 Mar 2016 / 11:08 am

    I definitely don’t need all the stuff I own so a proper spring clean is definitely on the list of things to do. I have felt the power of clearing up and simplifying a few weeks ago when my Hubby and I finally got round to tidying up and clearing out our master bedroom which was basically used as a dumping ground/laundry room – a total disgrace. We are still feeling energised by having done that and feel prouder of our home now that we have more space to breathe. There will be a next stage soon by looking through our stuff in the other areas of the house. Have you heard about Marie Kondo and her book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying? Apparently, she has been named as the top 100 most influential people in the world! I am going to order her book soon.

    • 18 Mar 2016 / 12:42 pm

      I have a few things to throw out still, so I’ll do a car boot this Saturday just to clear the last of it. I think most people have one of those rooms in their house! It’s funny because I’ve always been a messy person with loads of clutter so I really have to make a conscious effort to minimise, it definitely doesn’t come naturally so there’s hope for all of us haha 🙂 No I hadn’t heard of that book before, let me know if its good! x

  2. 16 Mar 2016 / 4:42 pm

    Impressive that you could get down to so little items. Congrats!

      • 21 Mar 2016 / 4:11 pm

        I would like to minimize quite a bit. I don’t know how I’d get to 101 items though. I’ve tried digitizing physical media such as pictures and movies. That helped declutter the house but I believe there is a certain amount of digital clutter which needs to be minimized as well. I’m fascinated by the freedom this lifestyle can provide financially and in time.

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