My First 10k: Salomon Citytrail Richmond Review

Salomon Cityrail Richmond 10k
Sunday 20th March 2016, 8:00am
Preparation for the race
When I signed up for the race, my mindset was positive. I trained for it only by going for one jog, the week before but I also jog upstairs daily for a minute at London Marylebone station which gets my heart rate pumping. I know this doesn’t sound like a lot and I would definitely advise more training, yet with a positive mindset and a basic level of fitness, you can achieve a lot more than you would expect or give yourself credit for!
 In preparation for the race, I visited the Nike store in London’s Covent Garden. I wore;
-Nike 3/4 Leggings
-Nike Breathable Socks
-Nike Trainers
-Nike Black Short-sleeved Running Top
Outfit sorted and mindset on track, I decided music was a must, so I took my iPhone 6s plus in addition to a Ralph Lauren waterproof jacket, in case our traditional English rain decided to show up. Lastly I had my trusty steed in the form of a Nike Water Bottle.
I also had a Nike waist strap which held both my phone and my water bottle, which fastens around the waist with an adjustable strap. However, it proved difficult when I was running as it became a bit of a nuisance and I was having to tighten and adjust it too frequently, so I decided to depart with it mid-run. There were two pit stops along the way, complete with cheering supporters and cups of water being volunteered to the hoards of participants. I didn’t feel the need to stop there as I didn’t want to loose momentum.
For a 10k, I wouldn’t recommend taking a water bottle and would suggest a smaller music player, such as an iPod Shuffle, which I’ll surely be investing in for next time. You can buy armbands which these can fit in, although my gym leggings have a very small, zipped pocket in the back which would easily fit it in.
The Race
The course was on Saturday the 20th March , starting bright and early at 8am, which I can’t say I was best thrilled about. There is one benefit from it finishing so early, the fact you get to ride those endorphins and  the sense of accomplishment for the rest of the day and you still have the whole day ahead of you to do with as you please.
Photographers were on hand, snapping pictures throughout the run, of which you can purchase after you finish. Overall I found the course to be extremely pleasant and scenic and the weather held out! For beginners, this race is fantastic as the route is very flat and the atmosphere is so positive. At the last 2k of the race, we were running through thick, wet grass which wasn’t a great end to the course, but the rest of the race was through streets and residential areas in addition to running alongside the river, which was stunning.
Crossing the Finish Line
After the race, there was a station where you collect your medal and receive a goody-bag, filled with healthy treats. Here are a list of the contents;
-Salomon Running Tshirt
-Salomon headband
-Allure Aloe Vera Water
-Bounce Mint Chocolate Energy Ball
since the race was by clothing company Salomon
-Nu Va Mineral Water
-Clearpring Organic Snack Bag
-Portlebay Wasiaband Sweet Ginger Popcorn
-Voucher for Wholefoods Market
My friend and fellow blogger Timea @Train Strong Live Strong ran too and you can read about her experience here. As she finished in great time, she was there at the finish line to cheer me on.
After the Race
Timea and I went meet my dad in Patisserie Valerie for coffee and a cake. The fruit tart I had was exquisite. ‘Drools in reminiscence.’
Then a bit later my dad and I went to Bills for lunch. I had fish with potatos and a green smoothie.
After that, I went home for a long, well-deserved afternoon nap!


The category I ran in was Senior Ladies. My ‘chip time’ which means from the time I crossed the starting line to the finish line, was 67minutes, 11 seconds.  For a first attempt, I was relatively pleased although I can definitely aim to get it down to under an hour next time.

Take Home Points;
  • Train harder
  • Dont take a water bottle
  • Take a small MP3 player
  • Leave extra time so you’re not rushing to the start line
  • You can do anything  you set your mind to


  1. Timea
    20 Apr 2016 / 8:24 am

    This brings back many great memories! Hope we can race together again soon 😊

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