We have Daily Access to Unseen Realms of Power: How to wake up your consciousness

“Reality is limitless. Space is infinite. Time eternal.”

Russel Brand claims that we all have daily access to unseen realms of power.

“The line between good and evil exists not between cultures, religions or creeds, but within every human heart.”

Here is a man who has experienced much, said a lot, made many mistakes and claims that now he’s “awake.”

Are you awake and fully living at a high vibrational frequency or are you living with a fearful paradigm? Many claim that we have the power to create our own realities.

“Infinite creative force that brings into being all phenomena and guides all life. I say, can you move through me.”

If you look within yourself and ask the universe, it will help you to develop and live at a higher vibration. “You will beam like the sun.”

“We must become enlightened.”

“There is a divine source that is connected to all living things.”

What does this mean to you? What do you need to wake up to? How can you embrace the moment and live your life to the full, without letting the days pass you by?

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