Ones’ reality is a result of your intention and your attention: How to Plan your Ideal Life

Creating your ideal life is easier than you think. First, you MUST create it in your imagination before it can become a reality.

We are all creators and we all have the ability to be creative and to inspire action and change in our lives. It’s about designing what you would love to happen if you could have any result you wanted.

1. What does your ideal life look life?

We are visual beings and tend to think in pictures, so create a vision board. (See my post on how here)

2. What does your ideal life sound like?

Visualise your life in detail, every sense involved. E.g. if you play golf imagine how the ball sounds when you hit it with the club. If you love to swim on the beach, imagine each sound in detail.

3. What does your ideal life feel like?

Write down exactly what an ideal would feel like and imagine how you would be. It’s more about creating an ideal lifestyle than one particular day.

“Where there is no vision, people perish.”

So have a vision for your life. Know what you want to achieve, your purpose and what it is you want to contribute and to be about. If you’re clear about how you would like to feel, it’s easier to start taking action to create a way you can replicate those feelings.

4. What are you doing in your ideal life?

Consider the activities you would do on an ideal day. Make a plan to incorporate some of those things into your daily life, where possible.

5. Who are you with?

In your ideal life, which people would surround you and think about why. What kind of people are there, would it be the same people that are in your life now?

6. Who are you being?

This is in many ways more important than who you’re with or what you’re doing. It could be as simple as being happy. Would you like to be more philanthropic? More charitable?

Would you be mean and bitter and regretful?

Would you be open and positive and excited and encouraging to others?

How would you treat others, your family, friends and strangers.

Would you be weak and fearful or would you be courageous and strong?

What would one ideal, perfect day in your life look like? Do you know? 

These are some factors we all will share in our ideal lives;

  • Create
  • Contribute
  • Connect with others

Actualise your ideal day. “That’s not realistic, we can’t have our ideal lives.” Ignore the negativity and the haters and fulfil your dreams. It’s your choice.

If you don’t define an ideal day, how can you expect to have that day occur regularly? How could you take action to have this perfect day more often?

Don’t wait until your old to start living your ideal days. Get excited today and create experiences which make you feel alive and fulfilled. Be proactive, make a plan, wake up early and focus on having aim and intention in order to have a phenomenal day.

  • Be Intentional
  • Design your Days around your Dreams
  • Be Grateful for Everything

What does your ideal life look like? If this post has helped you please let me know in the comments below!

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