How to Master Your Mind and Maintain Momentum

Mindset is everything. Your beliefs and your thoughts determine your life and your influence is more far-reaching than you could ever dream up or imagine.
Out of one million matchsticks of information that we’re loaded with each second, we are only able to retain approximately 134 of them. (0.00067%) (Concept from iSell by Leigh Ashton.)
Our beliefs shape our reality and our mindset, affecting the way in which we interact with the world and live and breathe and have our being.
Transition is inevitable, don’t resist the flow of nature. As with every dark season, there is a budding.
Break down and build back up. Catabolism and anabolism -> Break down / die to old habits, rituals and ways of being that were.
Which parts of you have to die and be resurrected? Like the phoenix, it burns up and then rises again. This is the cycle of life.
Habits for a Stronger You by Elliot Hulse is a video which would recommend you to watch.
“Without vision, the people perish.” Present your vision and others will run with this. Produce so others can edit, improve and conquer. They can’t edit nothing. It’s imperative that you take action to show people what you’re capable of.
To manifest your future vision and create habits that get stuff done:
-What new things have to grow in you?
-What new habits or rituals do you need to add to your life?
-How can you add more value to your life or the life of others?
To gain momentum;
-Plan every day in advance
-Aspire to do the best and always deliver over and above what’s expected of you
-Choose one thing and focus on being the best at it
-Create habits and rituals that add to your vision
-Always take action on goals that are in alignment with your core values
-Say no to anything else, this is merely a distraction
-Share ideas with mentors and those who have achieved that which you consider success
-Dedicate hours to your specific habits and goals
-Make a plan for the day in advance and spend time in the morning first thing to meditate and visualise your day ahead

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