My Top Ten Tips on How to Develop Laser Focus

  1. Develop a steely, determined mindset. Commit wholeheartedly to your goal and do not waiver from it. Indecision breeds contempt within the mind and clarity comes from action. Write it down, tattoo it on your skin, spell it out with alphabet magnets on the fridge. No ways are beyond limits as long as you ensure that you pick your goal , stick to it and are reminded of it daily. SO important!
  2. It it’s not moving you towards your goals and the vision which you have created for your life, then all it can be described as is a DISTRACTION. Regardless of how good or perfect or relevant or productive it may seem. Eliminate everything in your life which is hindering your progress and you will surely soar. Loosen those chains of complacency.
  3. Do you want good or do you want extraordinary? Do you want to be mediocre? If so, stop reading and get off my blog! Go the extra mile in the area you have chosen. Make a choice to pursue excellence in all that you do. In the long and short term, you will reap a great reward.
  4. Top up your cup to the point of overflow. It’s only you who can do this. Find out what inspires you and what gets you to do that little bit extra. Whether it be getting up an hour early to feel ahead of the day, or for us night owls, going for an evening jog to get your endorphins pumping. It’s imperative that you keep yourself motivated and if it’s hard, move on to the following point.
  5. Surround yourself with people headed in the same direction as you. Be very selective of which environments you immerse yourselves in and which tribe you spend time with. I have heard it said that “your vibe attracts your tribe.” Your time is valuable and if you have well defined, specific vision for your life, then you need to be encouraged and uplifted by supportive friends and colleagues. Encouraging words can be the deciding factor between your success and your failure, so build others up and they in turn will stand alongside you and support you like a pillar.
  6. Find a mentor who you can learn from. One is good, two is better and three are ideal. Look to others who have already made all the mistakes and shortcomings so that you don’t have to experience them. No man is an island and nobody came into this world alone. It’s human nature to want to take credit for all you’ve achieved and to be resistant to seek help, in the opinion that we can do it all by ourselves. This is a selfish outlook, since as a community we are stronger. We can progress quicker and we can save time, if only we will seek counsel and advice from the right sources.
  7. Be proactive, rather than reactive and stop letting life just “happen to you.” Be proactive and plan your days in advance instead of always reacting to the world’s incessant demands. Chockablock calendars with an abundance of activities can easily be a hindrance if not focused activities with measurable outcomes and results. Also be selective with what you say yes to.
  8. Prioritise how you spend your time. Ensure that your priorities are in line with your personal values, and if you’re not sure what these are, spend time to decide and write them down. At the end of the day, time is more valuable than money since it’s a commodity you won’t ever get back. At the end of your life, the only one held accountable for the outcome of your life, based on the decisions you made is you!
  9. Be bold and courageous in your convictions. Stand up for your decisions and the path that you have chosen. Many people will support you but there will be just as many with their own agendas, trying to, often unknowingly, steer you of course. Take control of the wheel of your own destiny and don’t let a learner driver on the motorway of your life.
  10. STOP making excuses. Knuckle down, pick a cause and take action. Blaming others or environment or life for our failures and our lack of progress will set you in your ways, so much so that you will never change. To live is to embrace change and to succeed is to master one’s own mind. Confess your shortcomings and work hard in all that you do, to avoid mediocracy, complacency, laziness and greed. And in all things be thankful.

In which areas do you find it easy and in which areas do you find it more difficult to be consistently focused in? If you enjoyed my blog, follow me for more inspiration, motivation and lifestyle posts.

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  1. Timea
    12 May 2016 / 9:17 pm

    5 & 6 stood out for me. We often forget or are reluctant to tap into these resources – other people who can inspire and motivate us and help us grow.

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