How to Fight your Time and Resource Vampires

Out of the 7 billion earth inhabitants and counting, we all have one thing in common, an allocated amount of time to spend. The majority of us also have resources, in varying degrees. Resources can include money, property, vehicles and materials, to name a few.

Our time and resources are our responsibility to allocate and our responsibility to use wisely. An infinite amount of time and resources would mean everyone would be in equal standing and this would in theory eliminate greed to an extent.


Unfortunately, we don’t live in a cloud of a world, which always has a silver lining. Reality is more harsh and serves up a cruel reality. People are typically, but not always, seeking to improve their lifestyle and their position in life, or at least to maintain it. To do so requires more time, more resources and more and more and more.

Trouble is, a finite amount of resources leads to competition, strife and incomprehensible inequality. Being human, we also all have our own missions, our own needs and our own ambitions. Without setting boundaries, others will very much impose their own desires on you if you don’t keep your guard up. Lets call these people ‘time and resource vampires.’ Allowing them to take huge chunks of your time and resources is your responsibility and you need to be well equipped and proactive to be able to not only spot them when they come along, but also to fend and fight them off.

An example can be your boss who always asks you to do a favour just before you are about to leave the office. It could be a task which is causing you to procrastinate from your truly meaningful goals. Perhaps a friend always asks you for money and you can’t say no although they never repay you.

The world is no fairy-tale and there will be no heroes to swoop in and slash these fang toothed vampires for you. You are the one who has to prepare for battle, so suit up sunshine!

A few ideas to help eliminate your time & resource vampires:                                                          (When garlic isn’t strong enough.)

  1. Turn your phone off Sundays – choose a day without your handheld life contraption aka mobile phone. Alternatively consider going ‘no tech’ for a whole day! Crazy.
  2. Learn to say NO more. Enough said.
  3. Be proactive with resources and ensure that you make a budget so you don’t have money draining out of your account left right and centre
  4. Reflect regularly on how your days went. Did you succeed in fleeing the vampires or did their fangs sink in? How can you get to the next level tomorrow?

Can you identify who and what your time and resources vampires are? How can you put boundaries and steps in place, to ensure the vampires steer clear from now on?

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