How to be Mission Focused and Accomplish More

In the twenty first century, it can be far too easy to get carried away with  busy activity and look back over the years, only to realise you didn’t move towards your goals. If like me, you’re ambitious and want to raise your game, then the following points will resonate with you. If not, I suggest you read no further.

  • Make your own agenda, before others make one for you. The only one who is accountable for how you spend your time is you. Therefore, don’t let anything or anyone distract you from your mission or your goals because in the end, all the small decisions that make up your life’s result, lie in your hands.


  • Life is a blank canvas, it’s up to you what you fill it with! Always be purposeful and as a result your life will be more productive and you will bear more fruit. Create a to do list and plan in advance, then you will be organised and more interesting as a person, as you will get more things accomplished and with increased efficiency.


  • Consider your goals in terms of which ones will bring you the biggest ROI (Return on Investment). A question you can ask yourself is “will this challenge and grow me and create value or will it simply be a time filler?” In terms of my life, I can think of many times where I said yes to an opportunity in haste, without thinking through whether the option of saying “no” would be better. Always remind yourself that “If not this, then some better thing will arise.”


  • Spend time to discover what you’re highly skilled at. One of personal development’s top gurus, Brendon Burchard’s video highlights this clearly. A top tip of his is to “get really good at identifying your strengths.

  • Work smarter, not more. Review your activity and determine whether it is important and urgent, important and not urgent, urgent and not important or not urgent and not important. Eliminate all tasks which are not important and not urgent to increase productivity. A good book I recommend to further understand this is the bestselling Steven Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

When you feel motivation lacking, review your goals and your vision board (see my post on this here).

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