The Origins and Health Benefits of Sushi & Maki Sushi Making Class

Maki Sushi Making

I was fortunate enough to attend a recent Sushi Making Class run by Maki at WeWork, Spitalfields in London. A brief introduction to sushi making by the instructors, with a tutorial of how to start rolling our first sushis was given. They definitely made it look easy but I can assure you, it wasn’t.

With our bamboo rolling mats in hand, covered in cling film we were ready to start. Only once we were told not to take the cling film off did half the room’s faces turn to horror as they realised their mistake and tried to hide the fact that the first thing they had done was rip the cling film off in eager anticipation to start. Oops!

We made three different kinds of sushi, the first was with one or two fillings maximum, hosomaki . Next was the futomaki tutorial, where competition between the tutors was rife as they picked out their favourite salmon whilst drinking Sake, a type of Japanese rice wine. is yours bigger or mine? Lastly, we made Uramaki.

Once we had all tried the three types, we selected the best sushi from our team to be entered into our teams competition entry, and presented them on a granite slab. My team didn’t place in the top three unfortunately, but the winners were presented with vouchers for Maki Sushi. I would highly recommend the Maki sushi making class. The tutors made it informative yet fun and lighthearted with lots of yummy food to take home.  We were given a box and told we can take all the sushi we made home, which was enough for me for lunch for two days and some. #winning!

What is sushi and why is it so popular?

Thanks to Wikipedia, we can see that ‘Sushi (すし, 寿司, 鮨 ?) is a type of food preparation originating in Japan, consisting of cooked vinegared rice (鮨飯 sushi-meshi) combined with other ingredients (ネタ neta) such as raw seafood, vegetables and sometimes tropical fruits.’
Japanese people are among the healthiest in the world and the average diet of rice, vegetables and raw fish contributes to their low levels of heart disease, which are among the lowest in the world.
Origins of Sushi
Modern sushi as we know it today has had an interesting journey. Originally, in the second century A.D. in China, sushi was a method to preserve food, by placing fish in rice so it would ferment, keeping it edible for longer. They would discard the rice and only eat the fish!
From China, sushi began to grow in popularity in Japan, who developed their own way of eating sushi and began to eat both the fish and the rice. In the early 17th century, Matsumoto Yoshiichi of Edo (now Tokyo) began to add seasoning to the rice, by adding rice wine vinegar and he was the first who made the sushi with the intent to sell.


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  1. 20 Sep 2016 / 2:47 am

    Nice try! I find slicing it the most important part besides not having any rice sticking out from your seam.

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