The Art of Mindfulness and How to Be Fully Present in the Moment

“If you love what you do and your intention is pure, the universe will open every door.” Satya

This is one of my favourite quotes as it’s so refreshingly simple yet honest. Constantly striving to do something which you don’t enjoy or which doesn’t align with your beliefs and values, means you may feel unhappy and unproductive.

To be in the present and embrace mindfulness is one of the latest trends, with many courses being run in London and elsewhere. The popularity of adult colouring books is just one example of the need to focus your mind completely in the moment.

For me, this is particularly relevant as I have a natural tendency to focus on the future. A true idealist, I am constantly looking for new opportunities and planning how I want my life to look in five, ten or twenty years. This is absolutely necessary, however it also requires action in the current moment. To have a balance between reflecting on the past, being present in the moment and envisioning the future is the key to being productive and consequently as happy as possible.

Focusing on the journey means:

  1. Giving your all at everything you do
  2. Not getting distracted by technology 24/7
  3. Being aware of what you’re doing and slowing down to be grateful

What are some ways you can be more present? Is there anything holding you back from doing what you love?

If you are struggling with your journey and feel stuck and you don’t know what to do, here’s a brilliant video which has a positive and practical outlook;


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