Fight Paralysis by Analysis: How to Get Stuff Done

Ever wanted to start something new, got really enthused about the idea but then spent hours thinking about it instead of putting it into action and making it a reality?

If so, you’re not alone. I came across the phrase ‘paralysis by analysis.‘ It means that the more you don’t take action and simply think out all the things that could go wrong or that could be better about an idea, the less time you spend implementing strategies to get the plan completed.

The more ideas we over-analyse, the less ideas come into fruition. So, I want to encourage you not to over-think. If you have an idea and it comes from the heart, maybe ask a few close people around you what they think. If the feedback is positive as a whole, make a commitment to that idea. Start working on it, in spite all the objections and future projections your mind may conjure up.

Another of my favourite phrases is ‘clarity comes through action.‘ It’s the arch enemy of ‘paralysis by analysis.‘ As someone who struggles with even the simplest decision, these keep me on track and remind me that its okay to fail. To pick the wrong idea isn’t the end of the world. It will simply lead you to where you need to be. Choose which mantra you wish to adopt, stop thinking and start doing today!

The more you work on an idea, the more momentum you generate and as a natural progression, people will come into your life to help shape and mould your idea into the best version of it that it can be. Without an initial manifestation of an idea, it remains just that, an idea.

Don’t let the fear of imperfection or of failure hamper your progress. Honour yourself, respect your ideas and ideals and take action to create value in this short, abundant life.


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