How to Accomplish your Goals and Create Fruit

“Every one minute you spend planning, you will gain ten minutes in execution.”

Here’s one of the most helpful quotes from Steven Covey’s ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

“You have to take time to make time planning is the difference between being REATIVE and being PROACTIVE. When you don’t plan, you end up responding to the day’s events as they occur.”

Another quote comes from ‘The Productivity’

“If you neglect prevention and planning, crises will own your life. If you plan daily, instead of monthly and weekly, you will live in the urgent, where your “planning” will only prioritise your problems.”

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Failure to plan = planning to fail!

Always remember that you are the architect of your life and your days. No-one else can create your ideal life for you, you must take responsibility for the outcome of your life.

You want people to say of you; “Look at what this person has done and produced.”

List 5 projects in your life. List the three next steps you need to advance this goal.

  • Who do you need to reach out to to advance your goal?
  • What do you need to do TODAY?

STOP doing the same thing and expecting different results!





The more you plan, the better your life will be and you have time to be spontaneous.

Don’t let a lack of organisation slow you down, instead seek clarity.

Master your psychology and physiology. Take action and influence others.

“The person who is most present is the most influential.”

The greater clarity you have of your vision, the more influential you will be when getting others on board to help you advance your goals. Create an emotional and rational resonance in others as you describe to them your goals and dreams.

Be completely clear about exactly what it is you want.

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