Why I Stopped Eating Meat: Gary Yourofsky & The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

I first heard about veganism many years ago, when I found Freelee the Banana Girl’s videos on YouTube (see my post on her here.) After that, I started researching the web and this speech by Gary Yourofsky really hit the message home. This video is really graphic in parts so take discretion when you watch it.

After having seen this speech, it made me think more about how I treat animals and I was faced with a choice; should I continue eating meat and turn a blind eye, or should I listen and investigate further. I chose the latter.

Although I haven’t yet taken the full plunge to veganism, I don’t eat meat and I have decided to eat some fish, so you could say I’m a Pescatarian at the moment.

There was one documentary which I watched, which absolutely impacted my life. That documentary is Earthlings. The day I watched it, I cried and I knew I couldn’t go on living the same way. Something in me had to change and I hated the fact that I could be contributing in some way to the horrendous suffering of these beautiful, living creatures.



I’ve found some fantastic blog posts, which have detail about vegan and animal rights documentaries which you can watch to find out more.

Vegan Tea Room‘s post reviews vegan documentaries and ranks them with star ratings out of five.

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I would highly recommend you to read, Hope vs Headaches’s post entitled ‘6 Netflx documentaris that will change your mindset around food forever…



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