How to be more disciplined, organised and effective in 2017!

“Put in the feelings, emotions and presence into things and they come alive.”

“Never think your annual goals are wrong, think the way you approach them is wrong.”

“The second that I schedule anything, it’s in detail.”

  • Schedule an ideal, goal or dream immediately, once you have it
  • Work backwards with the little steps
  • Take time out to recharge
  • Ensure that everything is scheduled in your calendar, if it is important to you
  • GOALS : Think no longer than three years out, because in three years, everything changes. There are so many opportunities.
  • Be willing to be open this year, to dream again and reevaluate what you want and listen to what the universe has to say.
  • Read books on creativity, read about successful people in your chosen field; these will inspire you to have greater visions and dreams.
  • Review your week in advance schedule and ask “is there anything else I can add to this to make it extraordinary?”

  1.  Reflection based on emotion. – whats the emotion that I could feel or that I want to be there.
  2. Most emotions are shared emotions, e.g. talking with somebody or watching something. Your mirror neurones are connected with someone. Talking about your dreams and goals will increase your connection about your dreams. It’s in sharing that a lot of emotion comes up.
  3. Don’t wait for life to bring you emotion. Actively find and pursue what gets you emotionally connected.

-Plan your best day ever!

“Theres nothing in your life that you can’t get better at and once you have that mentality, life gets SO exciting!”


Get connected and give thanks , with gratitude. Don’t get attached to the outcome/destination, get attached to the journey. The process becomes your work of art, the process becomes your motivation!

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