Resist the Fear: How to Overcome Mental Blocks Preventing Progress

Focus on what you will gain

Don’t focus on the ‘what ifs.’

Loss pain is what you are scared of what you will lose

“What if I’m not good enough?” “What if I fail?” “What if I waste lots of time and don’t succeed, when I should have been doing something else?”

The process of change itself is hard. You may be uncertain of the outcome, not know what the results will be and the process is scary so we don’t attempt it.

“Procrastination is the most common manifestation of Resistance because it’s the easiest to rationalize. We don’t tell ourselves, ‘I’m never going to write my symphony.’ Instead we say, ‘I am going to write my symphony; I’m just going to do it tomorrow.’”
— Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Challenge is good. Challenge will help us to progress in life and we can look forward to the process of change.

The last one is outcome pain.

What if we went through all this and the outcame is not better than if you had never started? No more money, not better lifestyle? What if its not better on the other side of the fence and I’d have to go through all that.

Instead of focusing on negative outcomes, start visualising and focusing on what would go well – fulfilling, satisfying, wonderful if we changed our life. Focus on the law of attraction.


A great article called  Beating the Fears that Cause Procrastination:

Beating the Fears that Cause Procrastination


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