About SheWrites SheFights

We have to fight in order to avoid complacency. To avoid mediocrity and to avoid becoming  lazy and not pursuing our goals and dreams. To also fight for the voiceless and the unheard and raise awareness of worthy causes.

 My reason for starting this blog, was to combine my love of writing into a creative space where I can inspire others and spread positivity.

What do I want to achieve?;

  • Motivate others to be more conscious about their decisions, i.e. promoting ethical choices and lifestyle
  • Create a vibrant, exciting blog where people will go away feeling more positive & informed
  • Push myself to grow and learn and improve my fitness and set new goals and challenges
  • Promote and raise awareness of causes which we should be fighting for!

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Please join me on this journey by following my blog and I always love it when you leave a comment or subscribe 🙂 x


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